Tapestry Teardrop Bag


Tapestry Teardrop Bag: A popular shape that’s easy to carry and lots of pockets.



Tapestry Teardrop Bag (15H x 9L x 5D) Lots of Pockets! Five on the outside; pencil holders, key hook and five more pockets on the inside. Has a non-slip shoulder pad for securely slinging the bag over one shoulder. Also has a adjustable strap so that the bag can be worn diagonally across the body – either in front for more security, or in back when you are on your bicycle or something.

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Black/Aztec, Black/Crimson, Black/Dartmouth, Black/Kingsford, Black/Maple, Black/Southwest, Tan/Bluestone, Brown/Cinnamon, Tan/Crimson, Tan/Kingsford, Tan/Light Magellan, Tan/Southwest, Navy/ Big Flowers, Navy/Mystic, Navy/Sapphire, Navy/Queensland, Burgundy/Aztec, Burgundy/Crimson, Burgundy/Zodiac, Denim/Aztec, Purple/Bouquet, Solid Black, Solid Purple, Solid Denim, Green/Zapata


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