About Us

About Us


In 1993, Carole extracted herself from Corporate America and looked around for a more creative and less political career. Fascinated by pretty fabrics since High School days when she made all her own clothes and some for her sister and friends, she soon found fun in making unusual bags with tapestry accents. Her sons, then in college, were asked what to name Mom’s new company. Jake said, “How about Mom’s Krazy Ideas?” and MKI was born.


Five years later, Carole’s husband Woody retired early and joined the fun. Now, Woody cuts and Carole sews all their products themselves. Their shop is downstairs in their home in Colorado and they love the short commute.

Carole designs all MKI’s products, most of which have come from the needs of family, friends or cherished customers. More Krazy ideas pop up regularly and Carole really enjoys building something new! She also delights in finding new fabrics, but is persnickety. She doesn’t make anything she doesn’t like.


Carole and Woody’s objective is to make bags that are:

  • 1. Different – unique styles not found in stores.
  • 2. Functional – full of pockets, compartment, and useful features.
  • 3. Attractive – beautiful fabrics that compliment and enhance anyone’s wardrobe.
  • 4. Skillfully Handcrafted – and that’s why they make everything themselves – they can control the quality. They’ll never get rich that way, but it feels good to be able to comfortably stand behind your product.
Carole and Woody enjoy and appreciate the sense of pride and accomplishment that making good products brings. And they also value opportunities to take a break from the shop and put up a booth at Craft Fairs and Festivals. They feel they are blessed with lots of good customers and they socialize and have fun with everyone who walks into the booth! Ahh, Life is Good!


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