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QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Makes the Difference!

We at MKI Bags take quality seriously.  As previously mentioned, both of us are perfectionists.  It’s important to us to have sturdy and well-built bags, in addition to beautiful bags and bags that are functional.  We maybe overkill on perfection.

And perhaps this is overkill, but we serge the edges of all the Tapestries that we include as accent fabrics.   Some of our tapestries that we use as accent fabrics do not have the tight weave that we like and could be subject to fraying upon repeated use.  We expect repeated use and build for it.  So we put the edges through the serging stitch of our industrial machine.  This serves to strengthen the fabric by binding the edge, anchoring any loose threads and preventing others from becoming loose in the first place.

This is the serger:  

Our Crimson Tapestry has gold threads that like to pop up where they’re not wanted.  Serging prevents that.


Our Roses Tapestry is just loosy-goosey and has a tendency to fray.  Oh no!  Not on my bag!!

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