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CROSSBODY BAG – Convenient way to carry your purse

There’s a couple of things that I like about a Crossbody (Cross Body/ Across the body/Diagonal/whatever)  Bag:

– HANDS FREE!!  With my bag hanging onto me crossbody, I have my hands empty to pick things up, carry children, push wheel chairs, etc.)  NICE!!

-SECURE!!  When my bag hangs onto me, I have no need to put it down somewhere and then forget where I put it.  I always have it!

          We regularaly sell our popular Tapestry Tall Plus Purse, its big sister the Tapestry Plus Tablet Purse, and its little sister, the Tapestry Tall Purse, with long crossbody straps.  Yes, it’s an ADJUSTABLE STRAP!

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MAKE AMERICA GREAT! — Doing our Best!

Here at MKI Bags, we are doing our best to make America great!

  1.  Commitment to Quality.  We regularly get positive feedback from customers about the excellent quality of our products and repeat customers are common.  One customer ordered four new purses, saying that she and her adult children had each chosen one of our bags to take on their adventure to Ireland because she knew she could count on our products to be sturdy.  Another lady loaned her Plus Tablet to a friend who liked it so much that they both bought another Plus Tablet and a Backpack Purse.  Small Business in America makes good stuff.  Check out other comments on our Facebook page
  2. Uphold our Responsibilities.  We realize our duty to our customers, our vendors, our event organizer, the tax collector and our community as a whole to handle our responsiblities and be good citizens and try to make the world in general a good place for all people.  You can count on us to do what we say we’re gonna do and to do it politely .. whether on the road or in our booth .. and to clean up after ourselves.  And others!  In fact, here’s a funny story about that.  We had our tent up at an event one hot Saturday and a stressed mother with several children were walking by.  One of the kids was obviously sick and vomited on the ground between our booth and the booth in front of us.  Poor boy!!  Mother and family walked on.  Our Bagman took several of our plastic bags and went out and cleaned up the mess.
  3. Appreciate our wonderful USA.  Our grandparents immigrated to the United States to take advantage of the Great Liberties and Freedoms and Opportunities that are here.  The freedom to start your own business!  The opportunity to work hard and make it grow!  MKI Bags does not take that for granted and realizes how special that is.  So, thank you to our founding fathers whose vision created our Constitution and our Great America!!
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All Things Change

ALL THINGS CHANGE!   And that includes fabrics!  Because we value our customers, we want them to know when their favorite Tapestry is going bye-bye.  Because we value our customers, we want them to know when we have found another gorgeous Tapestry to add to their color and brocade remaining

In 2015, we were no longer able to obtain the Tapestries we call “Brocade” and “Flowers.”  Examples of bags with those fabrics are pictured here.  We are now at the end of the rolls of those fabrics, and we have limited numbers of bags made up with these two Tapestries.  But after they are gone … well, they are gone.

If your heart desires a bag in this color, this is your opportunity.  Brocade and Flowers are NOT on the website, but you can telephone us 303 421 2919 and we’ll be happy to review with you the colors and styles that remain.

I am personally sorry to see these go.  They are nice, beautiful fabrics and lots of people have enjoyed them.  On the other hand, I am enjoying looking for a fabric that goes with green.  I’ll keep you posted!




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Four Best Ways to Ruin your Tapestry Purse

Should you wish to ruin your Tapestry Purse, here are the four best ways to achieve that:

1.  Wash your tapestry purse in hot water.  Hot water will shrink the fabric and the purse will be wrinkled and look like your hands that have been in dishwater too much.

2.  Put your tapestry purse in the hot dryer.  This will result in shrinkage as above, only this may also melt your zippers a bit, depending on how hot the dryer was.  Your could end up with the wrinkled look AND sluggish zippers.  This would REALLY ruin the bag!

3.  Overstuff your bag.  When you put lots and lots of things into a small bag when you honestly need a medium-sized bag, the pressure of all that stuff trying to get out compromises the zippers.  Your end up with zipper blow-out!  You know… the zipper opens where it shouldn’t.  Then you can’t use the bag because you can’t close the zipper.

4.  Keep sharp pointy things in your purse without protection.  A loose pair of sharp scissors, for example, can poke a hole in most fabrics, given time.

Now, should you NOT REALLY want to ruin your purse or bag, we can help you with that!

First of all, wash your tapestry purse/bag in COLD water and then, secondly,  hang it out to AIR DRY.  We realize that the Tapestry fabric is not as strong as the nylon Cordura that we use, so everywhere we use Tapestry, we line it.  That gives it extra strength.  It’ll still shrink, but not as much.

Thirdly, we try to prevent zipper compromises by buying the best zipper available.  We use only YKK zippers!  That’s all we can do.

And finally, we have numerous small products into which you can place pointy objects to prevent pokes to the fabric or your fingers!  Consider carrying sharp things in an Organizer, a Money Pouch, or a Grab Bag.

Like Queen Latifa sings in the movie Chicago:  When you’re good to Momma, Momma’s good to you!



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Celebrate the Tapestry of Life

I believe that life is like the tapestry fabric that I love so much.  It has beautiful pictures and colors and richness to it with threads woven in and out bringing fascinating views at each turn.

I have resisted blogging in the past, viewing it as self-centered and trivial, but I’ve had a

Queensland Tapestry shows threads of life

change of heart.  I’ve noticed that what my husband, Woody, and I enjoy so much in our lives now is the interaction with other people and the ideas and interesting tales we hear from perfect strangers who walk into our booth at fairs and festivals.  There are some very nice people out there!  There are some wonderful senses of humor among them, and some wisdom that is pretty cool!  So I’ve decided to share that and bring to each of you the sunshine and joy that people bring to me.  (Bring me Sunshine). 

Oh, yes, lots of sunshine to me when a customer tells me how much she loves her purse, how it still looks and performs well after all these years, how she gets compliments on it all the time, how it has just the right place to keep ________.  Personally, I am complimented and encouraged to hear these comments.  (Thank you, thank you.)  There is not a better motivator to my creativity! (Love my bag testimonials)

Speaking of creativity!  There is no end to the multiple ways customers pack and use our bags!  Of course, I design them for flexibility so I’m not surprised.  You’ll love these fun suggestions and I’ll share them with you. (Nifty ideas for how to use your bags)

 Of course, I hear many good suggestions on (a) what new products to make and (b) how to improve the products I have.  In fact, most of my designs have been the result of customer ideas and/or needs of the family.  So, as I come up with new fabrics and/or new products, I will share them with you here. (Snazzy new stuff!!)

The truth is that many of my idea work, but some of them just don’t!!  Believe me, I know a lot of what doesn’t work, but it doesn’t discourage me from trying again.  I’ll continue to listen to all of you and we’ll use this blog to take surveys of preferences to help us create the products that best serve our customers.  (Purse Features)

And then there’s FAQs.  I’ll share with you my knowledge of fabrics, cleaning and packing techniques, sewing equipment, “ingredients” for bag-making, how it’s done, etc.  (Mom’s Krazy Ideas details)

So, thanks for joining me on my Baglady Adventures and Search for the Tapestry of Life.  For a delightful pick-me-up, check out this YouTube video – you’ll love it.