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Celebrate the Tapestry of Life

I believe that life is like the tapestry fabric that I love so much.  It has beautiful pictures and colors and richness to it with threads woven in and out bringing fascinating views at each turn.

I have resisted blogging in the past, viewing it as self-centered and trivial, but I’ve had a

Queensland Tapestry shows threads of life

change of heart.  I’ve noticed that what my husband, Woody, and I enjoy so much in our lives now is the interaction with other people and the ideas and interesting tales we hear from perfect strangers who walk into our booth at fairs and festivals.  There are some very nice people out there!  There are some wonderful senses of humor among them, and some wisdom that is pretty cool!  So I’ve decided to share that and bring to each of you the sunshine and joy that people bring to me.  (Bring me Sunshine). 

Oh, yes, lots of sunshine to me when a customer tells me how much she loves her purse, how it still looks and performs well after all these years, how she gets compliments on it all the time, how it has just the right place to keep ________.  Personally, I am complimented and encouraged to hear these comments.  (Thank you, thank you.)  There is not a better motivator to my creativity! (Love my bag testimonials)

Speaking of creativity!  There is no end to the multiple ways customers pack and use our bags!  Of course, I design them for flexibility so I’m not surprised.  You’ll love these fun suggestions and I’ll share them with you. (Nifty ideas for how to use your bags)

 Of course, I hear many good suggestions on (a) what new products to make and (b) how to improve the products I have.  In fact, most of my designs have been the result of customer ideas and/or needs of the family.  So, as I come up with new fabrics and/or new products, I will share them with you here. (Snazzy new stuff!!)

The truth is that many of my idea work, but some of them just don’t!!  Believe me, I know a lot of what doesn’t work, but it doesn’t discourage me from trying again.  I’ll continue to listen to all of you and we’ll use this blog to take surveys of preferences to help us create the products that best serve our customers.  (Purse Features)

And then there’s FAQs.  I’ll share with you my knowledge of fabrics, cleaning and packing techniques, sewing equipment, “ingredients” for bag-making, how it’s done, etc.  (Mom’s Krazy Ideas details)

So, thanks for joining me on my Baglady Adventures and Search for the Tapestry of Life.  For a delightful pick-me-up, check out this YouTube video – you’ll love it.