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BACKPACKS – Or Wear your Purse on your Back

BACKPACKING IT is incredibly convenient.  Anone who has tried this knows that a backpack is easy to carry — it feels lighter on your back.  Then there’s the issue of having your hands free for other things —  Wahoo!!    AND  if your purse is attached to you, you are less likely to lose it.

Here at MKI Bags, we’re serious about backpacks.  Not only do we make a very nice Tapestry Backpack, but we make a smaller and very nice Tapestry Backpack Purse.  And DID YOU KNOW!  that our Tapestry Tall Purse and our Tapestry Tall Plus Purse can be worn as backpacks?  Regularly a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag, the Tall and Tall Plus can be easily converted into a backpack.

  Backpack in Black/Dartmouth    Backpack Purse in Dartmouth

  Tall Plus in Purple/Bouquet     Tall in Tan/Crimson

For directions on how to thread the strap of a Tall or Tall Plus through the handle in order to make it a backpack, see



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CROSS-BODY BAG – Easy Modification

With a bit of Creativity, almost any bag can be worn cross-body.  The BagMan models three ways to wear a Tapestry Shoulder Bag, a Tapestry Flap Purse, and a Tapestry Satchel.  The crossbody style is achieved via a longer strap.  We can supply you with a strap any size you need.  They are easy to make.




Don’t you just love my model?  Isn’t he cute?

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CROSSBODY BAG – Small bags

The benefits of Crossbody Bags are obvious — easy to carry, and secure — and small crossbody bags have the same rewards.  And they are smaller.  Here at MKI Bags, we make two bags specifically to be crossbody.  And Beautiful!  Did I forget to mention Beautiful?

                                                                           Tapestry Cell Phone Coin Purse                                                                                                                                                                               

Tapestry Casual Purse

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UNIQUE BAG AND PURSE STYLES … The Beauty of Handcrafted

There are many things I like and am proud of with owning a small business.  One beauty of small business is its adaptability … we are able to listen to the needs of customers and either make new styles or modify existing styles.  In fact, many of my designs come from the suggestions of people who walk into our booth.

Cell Phone Coin Purse.   Currently we sell our pretty little cell phone carriers with a wrist strap and a long crossbody strap.  Several people have mentioned that they would like to attach it to their belt (or briefcase, wheelchair, walker, bicycle, etc).  We now have available a short strap with snaphooks at both ends which will accomplish just that!

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MAKE AMERICA GREAT! — Doing our Best!

Here at MKI Bags, we are doing our best to make America great!

  1.  Commitment to Quality.  We regularly get positive feedback from customers about the excellent quality of our products and repeat customers are common.  One customer ordered four new purses, saying that she and her adult children had each chosen one of our bags to take on their adventure to Ireland because she knew she could count on our products to be sturdy.  Another lady loaned her Plus Tablet to a friend who liked it so much that they both bought another Plus Tablet and a Backpack Purse.  Small Business in America makes good stuff.  Check out other comments on our Facebook page
  2. Uphold our Responsibilities.  We realize our duty to our customers, our vendors, our event organizer, the tax collector and our community as a whole to handle our responsiblities and be good citizens and try to make the world in general a good place for all people.  You can count on us to do what we say we’re gonna do and to do it politely .. whether on the road or in our booth .. and to clean up after ourselves.  And others!  In fact, here’s a funny story about that.  We had our tent up at an event one hot Saturday and a stressed mother with several children were walking by.  One of the kids was obviously sick and vomited on the ground between our booth and the booth in front of us.  Poor boy!!  Mother and family walked on.  Our Bagman took several of our plastic bags and went out and cleaned up the mess.
  3. Appreciate our wonderful USA.  Our grandparents immigrated to the United States to take advantage of the Great Liberties and Freedoms and Opportunities that are here.  The freedom to start your own business!  The opportunity to work hard and make it grow!  MKI Bags does not take that for granted and realizes how special that is.  So, thank you to our founding fathers whose vision created our Constitution and our Great America!!
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And how grateful I am for their support!

We received an order for TWO Tapestry Backpack Purses, together with this note:
Message Body:
Hi, just a note to say thank you for producing such quality products.  I bought one of your backpack purses back in 2014 and I still get compliments on it! I and my backpack purse have traveled many places together. Although this may seem strange, I count on this bag to hold up and it’s like a friend. I am looking forward to getting these new bags.
Again, thank you!

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MAKE NEW FRIENDS; BUT KEEP THE OLD … a Girl Scout Cookie memory

There’s a Girl Scout song that goes through my mind this time of year.  (February is Girl Scout cookie season).  It says, “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old.  One is Silver and the Other Gold.”  So true!!

I’ve kept those thoughts in mind when planning MKI Bags Event Schedule this year.  We are lucky to have many old and familiar faces come into our booth at the fairs and festivals we regularly attend and we enjoy seeing those people again and again.  We have the best customers!  So we continue to frequent the same old events.  It’s comfortable and we like it.

AND, this year we have added two new events organized by Applewood Arts and Crafts.  And we are looking forward to meeting new friends at Highlands Ranch High School in October and Standley Lake High School in November.  See our Events Schedule on the website.

Meanwhile, enjoy those Girl Scout cookies and join us at one of our events.  We love friendly faces.



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Have you ever noticed that some subjects just hang on your heartstrings and “grab” you every time?  One of those for me is Babies — love love love babies.

A favorite baby — granddaughter Bailey — ended up in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) when she was born due to respiratory issues.  She required some special care, but soon became the gorgeous child we all know and love and is now enrolled in BYU for her first semester!  (Proud of you, Bailey!).

Baby BaileyHealthy growing-up going-to-Winter-Formal Bailey


That’s where our family discovered March of Dimes.  March of Dimes has a  NICU Family Support program which provides information, comfort and support to families during NICU hospitalizations.  This is just one of MOD’s programs in their mission to reduce the rate of birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Just last week, I was chatting with one of our nice, nice customers (we’re blessed with lots of those!) who helped a foster child through an illness that was treatable with a drug discovered through March of Dimes research programs.   Currently, March of Dimes has research programs to look at the impact of alcohol and drug abuse on prematurity, as well as educational programs to help mothers with prenatal care.  Truly a contribution to babies.

Well now, in my observation, March of Dimes is not a very public, highly self-promoting, or flashy organization.  They work from behind the scenes to make a difference in the world.  And they do it through contributions from heartstring throbbers like me and you.  Please consider supporting the Greeley March for Babies to be held April 29, 2017, at  Bittersweet Park in Greeley.   Check it out here.  Actually, any support anywhere for MOD is GREAT!  However, this particular walk happens to be organized by son, Jeff Goodall, who volunteered so much that he now works full time for March of Dimes.

AND   ….     AND ….   !!!  ….  I will GIVE to anyone who raises $1000. or more for the Greeley walk a FREE BAG of their choice from MKI Bags collection on our website.   Sign up now, put your team together, and I’ll see you there!