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CELL PHONE CARRIER — all things change

Everyone knows that all things change. It’s what we call LIFE. And my experience has been that nothing changes more often or quicker than the size of cell phones.

When they first came out, cell phones were for making telephone calls and were a small flip phone. So we made a Cell Phone Coin Purse to carry that and a few essentials. It was small.

Then the phones got smarter. It took a while for this older generation person to adjust, but I eventually invested in an IPhone 5. So we make a Large Cell Phone Coin Purse. Still the perfect size for me.

Then cell phones became mini computers and constant companions. They got bigger. So we made an EXTRA Large Cell Phone Coin Purse. This size has became our main product. It has a long crossbody strap, a wrist strap and two pockets – one for the cell phone and the other for money, keys, whatever. Every cell phone seemed to fit in it! Life was good.

Then last year a few people began to ask for a larger size and showed me their HUGH cell phone. So we made a BIGGIE. Whew! Just keeping current is dizzying.

In order to decide what size a BIGGIE should be, I looked at the sizes of phones that were listed in their descriptions online. I also surveyed our own family (who are probably like most families, with kids, adults and nerds) and measured their phones and tried them in our Extra Large Bag. This is a smattering of what I found:

Apple: height width depth

  • 7+ 6.2 3.1 .3
  • 8+ 6.25 3 .3
  • 10+ 6.25 3.1 .5
  • 11 5.94 3 .33
  • 11 proMax. 6.22. 3. .33


  • Note 9S. 6.5 3.25. .5
  • Note 10 5.8. 4.35


  • S-10 6.25 3.2 .5

HOWEVER, the size of the cases differed also. For Heaven’s Sake!! So we just made the BIGGIE big!

Then we started asking people to try their big phone in our Extra Large Cell Phone Carrier for size. We know for certain that a customer’s Galaxy 9S and its case FITS; we know for certain that our granddaughter’s Apple 7+ and its case FITS; and we found almost no phones with their cases that did not fit!

Bottom line is that our Extra Large Cell Phone Carrier measures 6.5 x 3.5 and the BIGGIE measures 7 x 4.

Decided to make the BIGGIE in only a few colors as we don’t believe it will have much demand.

Large Cell Phone Carrier Bag on left; EXTRA Large Cell Phone Carrier Bag in middle; BIGGIE on right
Biggest one here is on right It’s an LGE and it fits in Extra Large Bag and swims in BIGGIE