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Four Best Ways to Ruin your Tapestry Purse

Should you wish to ruin your Tapestry Purse, here are the four best ways to achieve that:

1.  Wash your tapestry purse in hot water.  Hot water will shrink the fabric and the purse will be wrinkled and look like your hands that have been in dishwater too much.

2.  Put your tapestry purse in the hot dryer.  This will result in shrinkage as above, only this may also melt your zippers a bit, depending on how hot the dryer was.  Your could end up with the wrinkled look AND sluggish zippers.  This would REALLY ruin the bag!

3.  Overstuff your bag.  When you put lots and lots of things into a small bag when you honestly need a medium-sized bag, the pressure of all that stuff trying to get out compromises the zippers.  Your end up with zipper blow-out!  You know… the zipper opens where it shouldn’t.  Then you can’t use the bag because you can’t close the zipper.

4.  Keep sharp pointy things in your purse without protection.  A loose pair of sharp scissors, for example, can poke a hole in most fabrics, given time.

Now, should you NOT REALLY want to ruin your purse or bag, we can help you with that!

First of all, wash your tapestry purse/bag in COLD water and then, secondly,  hang it out to AIR DRY.  We realize that the Tapestry fabric is not as strong as the nylon Cordura that we use, so everywhere we use Tapestry, we line it.  That gives it extra strength.  It’ll still shrink, but not as much.

Thirdly, we try to prevent zipper compromises by buying the best zipper available.  We use only YKK zippers!  That’s all we can do.

And finally, we have numerous small products into which you can place pointy objects to prevent pokes to the fabric or your fingers!  Consider carrying sharp things in an Organizer, a Money Pouch, or a Grab Bag.

Like Queen Latifa sings in the movie Chicago:  When you’re good to Momma, Momma’s good to you!



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