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A Little Help from your Friends

Recently, Mary Walewski came to my house to teach me the basics of blogging.   Mary is a social media marketing (SMM) specialist for authors and entrpreneurs.  I’ve  been pleased to have her help for several years now and find that she knows her subject well.   So, here I am now, a fledgling blogger.

As Mary first walked in, I was delighted to notice that she was carrying two MKI bags!  She had a mini-laptop carrier in Navy/Sapphire in one hand and a Black/Southwest Tapestry Tall Plus over her shoulder.  She says that the Tan/Southwest Tapestry Tote

Mary Walewski with her tapestry bags from MKI

Purse serves her well as a summer purse and I am sure she has purchased other bags also for gifts.  Seeing people using our bags is a hugh compliment to us.  We put so much effort into building sturdy, functional bags that are also gorgeous, and, when people show up using them, it’s like a pat on the back, a good performance review, a valedation that our efforts are worthwhile.  Thank you, Mary.

There’s a lot of techy stuff to SMM that I will probably not get into much … my expertise is in bag-making.  But when I’m ready to take the next step, I’ll seek a little help from my friends and call Mary.  Check out her website and blog because she has a lot of interesting things to say…



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