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The Family Discount

Lately, I have been working on our show schedule and getting excited about putting up our booth at different events.  We always enjoy the people we meet and get a chance to chat with.  I’m always delighted by someone’s sense of humor.  Most people just love to have fun!

So… here’s a story.  Last August we were set up under the trees in Ridgway (beautiful setting) and a young man walks in who makes my heart jump!  He looked just like my son Jeff!!  Son Jeff had recently moved out of Colorado to California and I was devastated.   It took me a couple moments to realize that, although the body style was the same, those sunglasses, goatee and ball cap did not indeed belong to Jeff.

The young-man-customer looked at me quizzically, so I told him how similar he looked to son Jeff and how much I missed my son and then I asked him if I could have a hug!  He laughed.  I called my husband over to see the Jeff-look-alike and he agreed that this guy looked like he belonged to us!  The young man was great … asking what was for dinner, etc. and we traded quips and had fun!

When the wife of the young-man-customer found a Tapestry Teardrop to buy, we proceeded with the transaction and he asked, “Do we get the Family Discount?”

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