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IPad all cuddly in the pocket of a Tapestry Tall Plus!

Like I said, I design bags for my own purposes or for the needs of family, friends and customers.  I never woulda thought to put an iPad in the back pocket of a Tapestry Tall Plus.  But a wonderful customer named Nancy did!!  And she has blessed us with lots of pictures and compliments!  Thank you, Nancy.

Here’s what Nancy says:  “I can keep all my different connections that go with the iPad and the computer in this purse, plus checkbook and  few other odds and ends.”

” In front, on the outside of the purse, in the two velcro pockets, I use the larger one on the left for my iPhone since I have a larger case for it.  The other side I keep my ID in it and drivers license and staff ID for quick access.”

” In the zipped front bottom part, I put a couple of pens and a stylus that I use for the iPad in it.  Works great!”


Nancy also mentions that the fit is tight because she has a stand-up case on the iPad … but it works!  She also lists the numerous(and I mean LOTS)  items she carries in all the pockets and compartments in the main part and says,”The net sides are invaluable!!!!  You are correct!  Nothing falls out!”

Thanks again, Nancy!

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