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MKI Bags Fan supports Friendship Bridge

Our friend, Sara, recently returned from Guatemala, where she visited in conjunction with Friendship Bridge, an organization which provides microcredit and education to Guatemalan women so that they can create thir own solutions to poverty.MKI Bags in Guatemala with Sara

Sara writes, “I am in Panajachel with Lake Atitlan in the background.  Your bags worked very well!”   She has her Navy/Mystic Teardrop over her shoulder and is holding several Packing Cubes and Tubes which she used to organize her suitcase.

I love the scenery!  What a beautiful place …  Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  Our bags are certainly world travelers!

MKI Tapestry bag on Sara's shoulder at Friendship Bridge Guatemala
MKI Tapestry bag on Sara's shoulder at Friendship Bridge Guatemala

While in Guatemala, Sara had an opportunity to interact with the clients of Friendship Bridge.  Sara writes, ” This client asked to have her picture taken with me.  Check out the size difference between me and her. She’s 73, still working, has 10 kids, I think she is illiterate as many of the older clients are, but dynamite to listen to. She told us, through translation, of her life which had been difficult. She got married (young) and worked and supported her husband’s family who never liked her. She has a business, maybe selling vegetables in the marketplace, maybe weaving.

It was very interesting contrasting her circumstances with some of the younger women in the trust bank group who had much fewer children, like 1-3 instead of 10, and they had stayed in school into high school. Their husbands helped out with family chores and kids so they could work on their business. We saw a lot of change from the older to younger generation at several of our visits.”

Sounds to me like Friendship Bridge is making a difference in the world and I am happy to send a contribution to them.  Check out their website at


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