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All Things Change

ALL THINGS CHANGE!   And that includes fabrics!  Because we value our customers, we want them to know when their favorite Tapestry is going bye-bye.  Because we value our customers, we want them to know when we have found another gorgeous Tapestry to add to their color and brocade remaining

In 2015, we were no longer able to obtain the Tapestries we call “Brocade” and “Flowers.”  Examples of bags with those fabrics are pictured here.  We are now at the end of the rolls of those fabrics, and we have limited numbers of bags made up with these two Tapestries.  But after they are gone … well, they are gone.

If your heart desires a bag in this color, this is your opportunity.  Brocade and Flowers are NOT on the website, but you can telephone us 303 421 2919 and we’ll be happy to review with you the colors and styles that remain.

I am personally sorry to see these go.  They are nice, beautiful fabrics and lots of people have enjoyed them.  On the other hand, I am enjoying looking for a fabric that goes with green.  I’ll keep you posted!