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Three Ways to Maintain Suitcase Sanity

In general, I am a stay-at-home kind of person.  Most people love to travel, take cruises, tour and go places, but not me!  So the prospect of a road trip from Colorado to Houston left me cold.  A different motel almost every night … hauling my bags and the dog in and out … wondering where I put this or that … no, thanks.  But, the opportunity to visit family won in the end and away I went — with my husband driving and the dog in the back seat.

I did manage to keep sanity in my travel bag by using two Packing Cubes and one Packing Tube to organize my stuff.  It eliminated my rummaging through the bag looking for lost items.  Nothing was lost!!

packing aids
Three Stress-saver Packing Aids

The first Packing Cube is stuffed with lingerie…ten days worth.  I always knew where the clean undies were and I found that very comforting.

I put rolled-up  socks in the Packing Tube.  It was easy to find the color I needed.
The second Packing Cube kept my robe, nightie and bedside items.  This was incredibly handy!  I had my alarm clock, mini flashlight, lotions and aspirin all in the same bag.  Best of all, it was separate from other things and it was all there when I needed it!
Traveling for me is disconcerting, to say the least.  However, being organized saved my sanity.  And now that we are home again, I admit that I really really enjoyed the trip.  It’s a good exercise to expand out of my normal comfort zone and experience not only the joy of being with family, but the beauty of the scenery and the kindness of strangers.  I’ve now viewed the Gulf,  petted a stringray, and got introduced to a seawall at Galveston.  Not the typical experience for a Colorado farmgirl!
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