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Too Much Money!!!

As most of you know, we have a lot of fun with the people who come into our booth at Fairs and Festivals.  We laugh and joke with them and enjoy their banter back at us!

One of my standard remarks is about the weight of a lady’s purse.  I tell her that, if her purse is too heavy it must be because she carries Too Much Money, and all she needs to do is spend some of that and she will be just fine.  And, also, she could use a wonderful tapestry/fabric purse which start out light-weight, then, when she loads it with money, it’s not such an issue!

Of course, I get all sorts of answers!  Mostly, people smile and say, “Yeah, I wish it were money!”  or “Money, ha!  It’s all the junk I carry!”  Occasionally, someone goes along with the program and tells me, “Well, that must be it!”  or “You’re right!  I hadn’t thought of that!”

But, this summer I had a lady say, with a serious straight-face, “Oh, Idohave a lot of money …  it’s a burden, actually.”  I laughed, but later wondered if she really was joking with me….. ??

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  1. I just wanted to say I love your bags. About 15 or so years ago I bought a shoulder bag at a rodeo in Casper, Wy. Your husband said I’d never need to buy another and he was pretty close. I’ve used it most of the time since and it’s still looking like new. I’ve even thrown it in the wash a couple times. I did buy an insert at one point but I see you’ve added some more inside pockets! Great job!!!!!

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